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4 Ways Maryland Is Stepping up to the COVID-19 Challenge

Brian Seeling
March 25, 2020

Our world is changing. For you, the change may be the day-to-day flow of your life and the way you accomplish simple professional tasks, or it may be the prospect of children without schools for the foreseeable future. No matter how your new normal is taking shape due to COVID-19, we’re here for you, and we’re going to make it through this together.   

The state of Maryland has taken aggressive action to keep us going, and IT-reliant professionals in leadership have put programs together to ease the challenges. Here are four programs that you should consider. 

1. Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Loan Fund

To qualify for this loan fund, you must show financial stress and increased hardship due to the outbreak. That means if you’re still operating semi-normally, this fund isn’t for you. But do keep it in mind in case the situation gets worse. 

General Overview: 

  • Loans up to $50,000 (not to exceed three months of cash operating expenses) open to Maryland businesses impacted by the COVID-19 with fewer than 50 employees. 

  • 0% for the first 12 months, and 2% for the remaining 36 months. 

You can use this funding for working capital to support payroll expenses, rent, mortgage payments, utility expenses, or other similar expenses that occur in the ordinary course of operations. 

Apply Here

2. Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant Fund  

Here again, you’re going to have to jump through hoops, because the state isn't going to just hand out grant money to anyone who asks. However, this is rapidly deployable, and when applicable, it’s a great source of "free money." 

General Overview: 

  • Grants up to $10,000 not to exceed three months of cash operating expenses for Maryland businesses and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19 with 50 or fewer employees. 

  • Annual revenues of the business or nonprofit not to exceed $5 million as evidenced by financial statement or other financial documentation. 

This grant fund is expected to be used as a stop gap while securing long-term funding from another source. You can use this funding like working capital to support payroll expenses, rent, mortgage payments, utility expenses, or other similar expenses that occur in the ordinary course of operations. 

Apply Here  

3. Maryland COVID-19 Emergency Relief Manufacturing Fund   

We don’t know much here yet, except that it’s a $5 million initiative targeting existing manufacturers located in Maryland that are willing to help produce personal protective equipment (PPE) urgently needed by hospitals and healthcare workers across the country.  

We will stay on top of this as updates are released. 

4. COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund – Workforce Development and Adult Learning Fund 

Last but not least, this is the one you came here for. This is the grant program that we really needed. (Thank you, Gov. Hogan.)  

Up to $50,000 in grant money per applicant is available to help with needs like remote work setups, software, increased cleaning and sanitation demands, and training/professional development opportunities for your team members. 

General Overview: 

  • Must have 500 employees or fewer based in Maryland. 

  • Must be able to demonstrate a need for layoff aversion support due to the impacts of COVID-19. 

This is a great program as it’s targeted at helping you keep your team employed and billable by facilitating remote work and training programs. Even better, the state is committed to a 48-hour turnaround on your application.  

View the State’s One-Pager 

We will be working with our partners to apply these programs when we can. As your chosen technology partner, we know that trust is paramount, and we’re committed to helping you keep moving and secure the funding for the things you need – just what you need, not the most that we can sell you.  

Please reach out today to discuss how we can keep Maryland open for business. 

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